Kitchen Inventory

Below is an inventory of kitchen equipment at Castle Cliffe. If there is anything you think you might need which does not appear on the inventory, please let us know. We might be able to lend you what you need for the duration of your stay.

4 ring gas cooker 8 side plates
microwave oven 8 cereal/soup bowls
toaster 8 teacups & saucers
fridge with icebox 6 egg cups
electric kettle milk jug
dishwasher bread bin
washing machine assorted chopping boards
cafetiere coffee makers (various sizes) 12 knives & forks
large teapot & tea strainer 6 dessert spoons
blender 6 soup spoons
5 litre casserole dish 6 teaspoons
coffee grinder 2 serving spoons
large square baking dish assorted wooden & plastic spatulas, spoons & fish slice
large glass mixing bowl large whisk, slotted serving spoon, ladle, pizza wheel, scissors, potato peeler, carving fork, potato masher, bottle opener, palette knife, tongs, tin opener, garlic crusher, cheese grater
large & medium oval baking dishes 2 large & 2 small kitchen knives
carving plate kitchen scales
medium oval flan dish large non-stick frying pan
4 assorted plastic bowls & lids for storage & microwave cooking large stainless steel sauté pan
biscuit tin large stainless steel pasta pan & lid
2 oval Pyrex casserole dishes (1 lid) large saucepan with vegetable steamer & lid
small Pyrex pie dish medium & small saucepans with lids
2 large glass water jugs colander & sieve
butter dish preserving pan
9 mugs extra-big stainless steel mixing bowl/punch bowl
8 pilsner glasses large & small roasting tin
8 tumblers baking sheet & Yorkshire pudding tin
8 wine glasses 2 large & 1 very large ceramic serving dishes
8 dinner plates 2 pudding basins